Monday, 10 March 2014

Book ME-Library

Here is our e-project showcase.  
So, you might be wondering, "Why did we choose a blog instead of a Tumblr or a Wiki?" Excellent question!  First, we chose a blog because we thought it would be the best way to present our e-library.  For our library, we need to showcase all sorts of web resources, like podcasts, webmixes, PLEs, etc.  We deemed that the best resource to compile and share everything was a blog.  We chose blogger because it was the most versatile, easy to navigate, readily accessible, and visually stimulating.  Our aim is to foster and encourage primary students to read in English.  We are going to do this through compiling a Mobile Electronic Library (hence, our title - Book ME-Library).  The library will include various books read by us with a multitude of resources to promote enthusiastic reading in students.  Remember to follow us on social media, comment on our blog, and retweet us.  

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