Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Blogmaniacos' answers for Book ME-Library

A few weeks ago, the team of future Primary teachers from the Master's Degree at URJC for The Use of ICT and Digital Resources for Primary Bilingual Education, in Madrid, working on an educational e-project to set up a mobile library, Book ME-Library, sent Blogmaniacos, a bunch of Primary kids from Jacarilla, Alicante, a videoclip to learn about their mobile reading interests, which we posted at A Mobile Library for @Blogmaniacos and that we are displaying below.

Now, Blogmaniacos are starting to give them feedback and are answering the first two proposed questions by José Luis and Billy.


Thanks ever so much for this valuable feedback, which Book ME-Library will surely thank warmly too!


  1. ¡Espero que nuestras respuestas os hayan sido de utilidad!

    Seguiremos en cuanto podamos...

    Un abrazo.


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