Monday, 31 March 2014

A new step in podcasts.


 First of all, we are very pleased to have a new account at the soundclound channel so as to share the soundtracks with our voices. As our topic is about storytelling, we decided to do the podcast as a radio story channel.

We recorded three tracks for introducing ourselves and our Project. The three ones included whowe are, what we are doing and what we are going to do. And later, the most important and interesting part of our new podcast channel is the minibook reading.
  As we are students of a Master's Degree, we did a course which we had to make a minibook inspired by ¨the very hungry caterpiller¨. As a result, the three of us have three different stories so that we chose two of them, the naughty moon and the penguin who felt cold a lot. We think both of the stories fit our Project perfectly so we recorded it ourselves with emotions. We are sure that children will like it very much.
This is the QR code of our e-Project sound cloud page! Scan it with your mobile phone and you can listen to our podcast.
We are going to update our podcast QR code here so you can listen to them directly in a most easy way!
If you want to visit our sound cloud directly through computer, here is our website!
We hope you enjoy our podcast!

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