Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Farewell Messages

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  1. For our farewell:

    You must not ever say goodbye, this expression might last long time.
    Say simply "see you tomorrow". Time goes so fast. I thought it was yesterday when we started the course and we have already completed two. I want to thank Maria Jesus, our teacher. She has been very patient with our mistakes and very creative with our classes. We know she lives on the Internet and knows all the secrets of new technologies. She made me learn how to study English and prompted me to deal with many online programs. The result was that I have improved my level in both subjects..Thanks for everything, María Jesús, see you tomorrow. María Tomás

    1. Thanks ever so much, María, I'm glad that you feel you have learned something!
      All the best
      See you soon

  2. Thanks to this blog I could study english this year. This is another way to learn english without timetable, place...when you work too long way from your school.
    I have learned also about others subjets. Most of post were very original, tender, beautiful...for me.
    I'm sure I will follow surfing the "stop and learn english"
    Thanks for all!!

    Have a nice summer break


    1. Thanks to you, Marta, for stopping by and for your words, my pleasure!
      Enjoy your summer break too!


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