Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On time

What can you see in the image below? Can you describe it in pairs?

This image comes from a short film called On Time.

Before watching the film, discuss the following questions:

What do you think the short film is about? 
What story does the short film tell? 
What do you think you will see and hear in the short film? 
How does the image relate to the short film? 
Why is the short film called On Time?

Now, watch the film and compare your answers to the previous questions with what you see and hear in the film.

Did you like the film?
How did it make you feel?
Does the film have a message?

You are going to watch the film again; this time, concentrate on Arthur, the main character, and use adjectives to describe how he is feeling at different stages in the film: 

• at the beginning, when he is looking at the photo
• when the salesman shows him the case
• when he talks to the woman
• when he signs the contract
• when he boards the plane

Now, in pairs, talk about these questions:

Would you like to have this case?
How could the case be useful?
Could the case be used in a bad way?

Finally, ask each other this set of questions:

Lesson by Kieran Donaghy at Film English

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