Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gadgets, Apps and AR

Gadgets. What is a gadget? Could you provide a definition for this word? Could you find examples in your everyday life?

Discuss with your partner:

1. Which gadgets have you got?
2. Which ones would you like to have?
3. If you could invent a new gadget, which one would you invent? What would it do? How would you call it?

Source: Flickr. Major Clanger's Gallery

Apps. What are Apps? Could you provide a definition for this word? Do you use any apps? If so, which ones do you use? What for?

Source: Flickr. Doug Belshaw's Gallery

Now you are going to watch a short film about a gadget or an app called Sight. What do you think an app called like that might do? What do you think you might see in the film?
Watch and notice what Sight does. Think of the advantages and disadvantages Sight might have.

Now discuss in groups:

1. What is Sight?
2. Would you like to have Sight?
3. What would you use it for?
4. How could Sight be misused?
5. Do you think that an app or gadget like Sight might be possible in the future?


Have you heard about Project Glass? Let's watch a short video that explains what it is. While you watch, think of how Project Glass is similar to Sight.

Now, in groups, discuss about the following question:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality gadgets and apps?

Source: FilmEnglish. Enter full lesson.

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