Thursday, 24 January 2013

Augmenting The Union Jack

What is the Union Jack

If you were told to think of songs that have something to do with this flag, would you be able to hum at least one?

Would you like a tip? Then you need your smartphones or tablets together with Aurasma.

Get the App: Get it on Google Play, or on the App Store.

Scan the Flag below, and unveil the tip! Then, leave your comments about what you have discovered. Don't forget to build up your answers and encourage others to reply and chat! More tips are also welcome, OK?

Finally, find out more information about the Story of the United Kingdom and the Union Flag.


  1. Shrunk-brained by the efforts made over the last three days, and having exhausted all possibilities I could think of, I have to confess I have NO CLUE about what´s wrong in the flag: strips?... perfectly placed! Colours?...Likewise...The song? It´s supossed to be the right anthem ,though I can´t remember the exact lyrics sung by the girl. Is it the singer herself? Should she be wearing a three-coloured dress? Or, is she the one that stands for Wales´ representation in the overall picture? Again, I am totally lost in this mistake-quest maze! I DO give up!Sorry.:(
    I am looking forward to our Monday lesson to witness to what extent my ignorance leads my own existence!

    1. I'll give you a clue, the final solution lies between them both, the flag and the anthem.
      Looking forward to more reactions, XD

    2. Come on Popina. You CAN do it. Now seriously I feel like a tech-idle because i've tried to make this app work out in some phones with no success, so i can only try to figure out what should i have discovered and unfortunately is nothing. I can't say if there is a word or line changed in the anthem or if the flag is placed in a wrong way. But I've learnt the history of the union jack flag so it wasn't wasted time. Anyway, i want to know what should i see

    3. And you can do it as well, for sure, Nacho!
      If could scan the flag, you'd see a girl singing God save the Queen!
      Am I helping to unveil the mystery?

    4. I have the same problem as Nacho. I've downloaded the app but I can not work with it, it gives me a problem related with the camera. It's a pity, I'm intrigued by what is the mystery, what happen in the video.
      I've looked for information about tha flag and the anthem, and I have learn thing about their history.
      I keep on reading the comments of my mates. They are working too hard.

    5. I think you are not following the Aura, and that's why you might not see it, if you browse for mjgsm in Aurasma, you will find the Aura, you can follow, and then scan the flag, Carla.
      Anyway, we saw in class what was going on behind the flag, remember?

  2. Orlando says: Augmenting reality is an amazing possibility that new technologies brings.
    First time I saw something like exploring an image or a text with a mobile
    device and with the proper app, some incredible new items appeared, I was
    absolutely shocked. But, like other things in life, the second time it
    doesn’t impress you as the first.

    I don’t know what is the secret hidden behind the flag. Maybe the lyrics of
    the anthem are incorrect, but I have to recognize that I don’t know what is
    the right one… and I have no enough time to look it up the Internet.

    What I found really interesting was the article about the story of the
    British flag, also called the Union Flag. For me it was really gripping to
    learn more about not only the story of the flag, but also a bit of
    heraldic. Now, I wouldn’t forget that the English symbol is the St. George
    cross, the Scottish one is the St. Andrews cross and the Northern Ireland
    cross is related to St. Patrick.

    I didn’t know that the flag was the union of the flags of the three crowns:
    England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but having all respect to the rules
    of heraldic, as two colours must never touch each other or that this flag
    is not symmetrical, which means that it has a correct way to fly it.

    Summarizing, this is a very interesting article. Don’t you think so?

  3. Let´s have another guess! Could it be that originally, when the Anthem was first sung, the title was "God save the King" sice there was a King ruling the country and later, it was adapted to the current circumstances?
    I am moving "strings" to unveil the secret!!!:)

  4. Third wild guess! There it goes!

    What about the lyrics? There are NO OFFICIAL LYRICS for the flag but "agreed" ones. Apart from this,I have learnt that the second verse is omitted since it goes something like "combating her enemies", and nowadays singing it aloud is sort of considered as politically incorrect, So they jump straight to the third one! But the most preferred option -on official occassions- is just to sing the first verse.

    I do not know whether I am coming closer or not. What I DO know is that I HAVE NEVER LEARNT SO MUCH ABOUT THE UNION JACK and its Anthem!
    By the way, If I keep on listening to the Anthem like this, by this time next week it will have become the 1st single ON THE TOP TEN LIST!:)

    1. Getting closer, getting closer, but still not linking anthem and flag, are you?

  5. I did not sort it out either but let´s have a try …

    Both the flag and the anthem symbolize UK.
    The Union Flag is made up of symbols from three kingdoms out of the four states in the United Kingdom. It makes me think that they might have adapted or borrowed some Welsh anthem (song) as the National Anthem so the four states are thus represented.

    Am I closer?

    1. Could you tell us who you are, please?
      Thanks a lot!

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, right, you must have logged in with other details, that's why under 'Administradora', I didn't recognize you, OK, no issues.

  7. The popular meaning of the Union Jack:

    From the institutional point of view the Union Jack has been associated with monarch, the British Empire and the sacrifice in the World wars but, what happens with the ordinary people’s opinion, especially among the youngest?
    A recent poll on British attitudes to the Union Jack has found the following results: Elderly people associate the flag with pride, patriotism, democracy and tolerance although Scottish people are less likely to associate it with patriotism and more with racism and extremism. Younger people associate it with Olympics, team GB, pop music or modernity, but, in general, the flag receives less support from them. There is also another issue related to it. The much vaunted “unit” contains four independent identities that claim for independence and devolution in different ways, from the coffee comment to the terrorism. I think it cannot be an authentic popular union with such background of divergent interests. The Union Jack represents what the powers want to show but not what people really feel.

  8. Popina:

    Last try while having breakfast.Coffee do wonders!

    Taking into account that the Head of the Anglican Church is the King/Queen in office, what´s the point of asking God to save the Queen? Shouldn´t it be " Queen save the Queen or Take care Our Queen"?:) Too much a wild guess?

    Good morning to everyone!:)

    1. Morning, dear, enjoy your early cup of cofee!

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  10. Let's solve the mystery:
    As most of you already know, the flag is the Union Jack, the UK flag and when you scan it with Aurasma, there goes a girl singing 'God save the Queen'.
    However, the flag is the UK flag, and the current design dates from the Union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801. The flag combines aspects of three national flags: the red cross of Saint George, the red saltire of Saint Patrick's Flag, and the Flag of Scotland.
    That is to say, the union of England, Ireland and Scotland.
    However, the anthem does not match the flag, since the anthem stands for England, and even so, England does not have an official anthem. 'God save the Queen' is used in most of the national sporting fixtures, but there are many songs which are considered to fill such a role.
    On the other hand, Ireland has their own national anthem and their flag too, and so does Scotland.
    So, as you see, the answer was simple: the flag and the song just do not match!
    Glad it has kept you busy over the weekend.
    Here goes a link for a QI quiz that might keep you going and that might sound a bit familiar, too:

    Enjoy and thanks ever so much for the fun weekend you've made me have with all your speculations.

  11. Busy? Almost half of the world´s population has been intrigued with this quest!!!!!! Once more, it has been proved that the easier the task, the most difficult it is to solve the mystery.The human kind loves making issues complicated when they are actually a piece of a cake!
    God save this precious Human Kind!

    1. That is what makes the world go round, and not money.
      See you in the evening!


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