Monday, 10 December 2012

Writing about Spain


I am writing about current Spain.
Foreign people think Spain is bullfights, "siestas", "sangría", party and hot weather. I don't agree with this. Many Spanish people don't like bullfights or having a nap. For example, I hate bullfights and I almost never have a nap. As regards weather, it isn't hot in all Spain. The North of Spain is cold in winter and it is usually raining. The South of Spain is warmer than the North.
I quite agree with people who say that Spaniards are very outgoing. If you want to go out, you should come to Spain; but I don't think we are lazy, we work all week and then we enjoy the weekend.
Nowadays, the main worry of the Spanish people is the economic crisis, because we are in a very bad situation.
In conclusion, Spain is seriously affected by the financil crisis so don't expect to find a job here.


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