Monday, 3 December 2012

If I only had five minutes to live


If I only had five minutes to live…One of the things I could do is walking through a desert just in case I could find a magical lamp and ask the genius for more time as one of my desires. Perhaps that’s not the expected answer, then, I’ll think of another one.

It’s said that before you die you’d have to do three important things at least in your life: to plant a tree, to write a book and to have a child. I’ve fulfilled the three in different ways. I planted several trees throughout my life and some of them have succeeded. I have a daughter and a son. And I have written several blogs (a book in a way) and I participated in several books writing some chapters or parts of them.

If I consider these three important “challenges” I have to admit that creating a new life is the most marvellous thing a human being can be engaged in. That’s why the answer has to take this hierarchy into account.

Then, I’d spend my last five minutes speaking with my children and I’d convince them to plant as many trees as they could in their lives, to have some kids to show them how to live in a wise way and I’d tell them to write a book with pieces of advice for the next generations in order to create a better world for them.

A list of “100 things to do before you die”, if you want to think of other “tasks”.


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