Thursday, 18 October 2012

Writing an informal email

That's English. Intermediate level. Year 1. M. 6

Your English speaking friend, Mark, is coming to Spain for his first holidays abroad.

Think of a place you’d recommend him to visit. Make a list with all the advantages and disadvantages of the place you have chosen and then, draft an email to Mark.

Here you are some prompts that might help you:
Local food
Type of holiday
Communications and transport
When you feel ready, make a brand new entry on our classroom blog and write your letter, I’ll soon leave my comments.

About 80 – 100 words.


  1. Hello Mark!
    I know that you are thinking of coming to Spain. I would recommend you to visit Asturias. You have a lot of possibilities here. I know that you like doing activities while on holidays and in Asturias you can go hill-walking in the coast and in the mountain. You can also do activities in the sea like snorkelling, surfing or fishing. If you prefer to relax you can sunbathe in one of the many unspoilt beaches.
    The worst you can find here is the weather. It might be raining some days. But you can take your umbrella and go sightseeing to one of the cities, I would recommend Gijon.
    Don’t worry about the food because you can eat here the best meat and fish in the world. I prefer meat and game to fish and seafood.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks a bunch, Andrés, just a pity you appear as Anonymous!
      Why don't you follow the blog or accept the invitation to become a writer here so your name appears under all your comments and entries?
      Think about it, please! If in trouble, just let me know, OK?

  2. Hello Mark!
    I am very happy that you are going to visit Spain. I´d recommend you to visit Ribadeo. You would meet a lot of interesting people and an excelent place is waiting for you. The food is incredible, and very cheap too. The worst of Ribadeo is the weather. It is raining frequently.
    Finally, you would recommend you to visit the Catedrales Beach. It is the most beautifil beach of Galicia and you are going to be impressed. I have worked there last summer.
    See you soon.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Diego, for your writing! Just check the spelling of 'excellent', 'beautiful' and also remember it is you who recommends, OK?
      Last summer is a period of time which is over, so simple past is the correct tense, and not present pefect.
      Nice job to be the first one of the year!


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