Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Iron Lady, by Paloma García Oliver


The Iron Lady is a 2011 British film based on Margaret Thatcher's life, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 20th century. It is then a historical film. The film was directed by Phyllida Lloyd and Meryl Streep performed as Margaret Thatcher. In this film Streep was widely acclaimed and her role was considered  to be one of the best of her career. She received an Academy Award nomination.
The film begins with an elderly Lady Thatcher buying milk, unrecognized by the costumers and walking back from the shop alone.We can see a woman with dementia and with the lack of power that comes with old age. She is remembering moments of her personal and professional life. She is shown as having difficulty to distinguish between the past and the present. We are also shown  Margaret Thatcher's youth, working in the family grocery, listening to her father's political speeches. We can see her struggle and how she  breaks into the male-dominated Toy Party and finds a seat in the House of Commons.
The film tries to show the personal price that Thatcher has paid for power. A memorable scene for me is when she is resting with her husband and she has a bomb attack .I think  the film is successful thanks to Meryl Streep's performance.


  1. Thanks a lot, Paloma, for your review, good job!


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