Monday, 8 October 2012

Film critics

1. Watch the trailers below.

2. Choose one of them and write a review. Enter it either inside the Comments textbox, or post it as a brand new entry; if in trouble, please get in touch.

Include at least the key facts below:
  • Historical period it is set in
  • Main characters and who plays them
  • What the film is about
  • Most memorable scene
  • What makes the film so powerful, dramatic, successful ...
  • Any other relevant information
Here you are some tips on how to write a film review that might help you with your task:
You may also find the following real examples useful:
Or, you might like to have a look at assignments other peers have already accomplished:
Unforgettable scenes.

3. Now it is your turn to be a bit more creative and present the class with another film review, this time about a film of your choice.

When you are ready, go to our Talkgroup and record your review under the topic Movies, a kind of entertainment. Once I have checked and marked all your speeches, the corresponding podcasts will be published at Our classroom podcasts.


  1. Check Paloma's review on The Iron Lady at


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