Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to make a good science fiction film


How to make a good science fiction film? Apparently, it might be easy. Nevertheless, nobody knows exactly how some people are able to produce a great film. I think that we will never get to understand why some movies are so successful while others do fail. I have noticed that just one out of every twenty science fiction films produced gets the support of viewers. Why? Let´s analyze some of the factors that may influence the final outcome.
        Firstly, a fiction story is meant to entertain, so this seems to be the main ingredient of the “recipe”. When young people go to the cinema to watch one of these films what they really want is to disconnect from their daily problems in an escapist sort of way, and just have fun.
        Secondly, not only is a science fiction film an opportunity to show a great script and spectacular visual effects, but it can also provide new ideas for the future and evoke a sense of wonder. We are shown other people´s ways of thinking, experiments with yet unknown planets or even travel through time. Sci-fi should explain all these plots with well-written dialogues, coherency and a sense of logic to be credible.
        Finally, a huge budget is necessary to produce a science fiction film and make it profitable. For example, in 1977, George Lucas faced big problems to produce Star Wars because nobody backed up his project. Eventually, it would turn one of the most successful and influential films of all times. The actors were unknown and they invested in the production themselves. In the end, the film earned millions, it got many awards and it is the second highest grossing film in the USA and Canada. On the other hand, Waterworld, a post-apocalyptic science fiction film produced by Kevin Costner, has been regarded as one of the great failures in the film industry due to its very high budget and low recovery.
        In conclusion, in my opinion in order to make a successful science fiction film you should mix a bit of entertainment, credibility, a lot of money, and good luck!
By Vicky García. Advanced level. Year 2


  1. Awesome writing, Vicky, thanks a lot for sharing it!


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