Monday, 27 February 2012

The Artist takes it all

A silent movie, the second silent movie to be awarded an Oscar in history.
Have a look at the trailer below and try to write some words for it, as if you were subtitling it.

Best picture, best actor in a leading role, best directing, best custom design, best music ...
This silent movie can clearly be said to be the winner of the night.

If you are interested in learning who else went home with an Oscar, click here.


  1. 1-;( Voice-off). Ladies and Gentlemen; I’m glad to present the greatest tap dance star of the moment, Mr. George Valentine.
    2-;( George). Thank you, I really appreciate, thank you.
    3-;( Photographer). Only one shot, Robert, for the Chicago Tribune.
    4-; (George). How do you like this posed?
    5-; (George). Oh, how come?
    (Peppy) I’m dreadfully sorry.
    (George) I’m..I’m.. Oh, you’re also seductive.
    (Peppy) I can tap too.
    (George) Can you really?
    6-; (Peppy at the dressing room). Knock, knock. George?
    I wish I could be a dancer in his company,… What if my dream came true?
    Oh Mr. George let’s dance this, I need you close enough to guide me. All my life I’ve been hoping you would find me.
    7-; ( Photographer). Fashionable couple! I’ve got that, thank you Peppy.
    8-; (George’s wife). You’re reported to be the most stunning couple on the stage. She looks very young and smart. I hope you be sure you can keep her just as a dancing couple,… just on the stage ..You know what I mean.
    9-; (George). What else could be darling?
    10-; (Dancing rehearsal).Here we go, now, slide it down twice and repeat the flying swing aut, tap it; one two, three, and flying circle, and..Slide it down again, tap it one…
    11-; (backstage). Oh, oh, too much energy on it. Look at this syncopation choreography, this improvisation sounds like an acappella dancing.
    12-; (Peppy whistles).Here it goes.
    13-; (The couple) . This is going further than it was supposed to. I think I might be in love with you.
    14-; (George’s wife). I knew it from the first. I hate you, I want a divorce.
    15-; (George) . Oh no, this awful nightmare, they want me out of the business.
    16-; (George) . It can’t happen, not to me.
    17-; (Peppy).Yes, I’m pretty excited about the tremendous success at the Premier of my first talkie. I’m eager to start filming again.
    18-;( Dresser assistants).Look at you Peppy, you shine like a real star now.
    19-; (Voice-off). George was left in despair, hapless, unhappiness.
    20-; (Voice-off).The time went by for Peppy, although George’s memories are a kind of torment for her.
    21-; (the silent movie becomes a talkie). Peppy please, don’t let me fall down, grab my hand darling, please…
    22-; (George).There it was the Artist, here it is the man. It was a nice time. Wasn’t it?
    23-; (Peppy).I’m so anguished. I let him go down. I feel awfully guilty.
    Would you ever forgive me?
    24-;( George).No, no, it’s not fair, I hate her, I hate the movies I hate it all.
    25-; (Peppy).I can’t live with this. It has no meaning at all, oh,…crash.
    26-; (Voice-off). The Artist is a satirical comedy silent movie that tells us about the moving experience of many silent actors with the advent of the talkies.

    Mercedes, Advanced level, Year 2

    1. Thanks a lot for the effort, nice dialogue!


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