Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Goodbye message

Now that our being together is coming to an end, I just wanted to thank you all for your work and availability along the year, as well as wishing you luck.

Enjoy your summer break!

EOI Luarca Magazine 2010 | 2011

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this end-of-the-year magazine.
If you’d like to read it in paper, go to the Library and get your copy. Meanwhile, you can read it online.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

About South Africa

You are going to hear part of a radio programme in which Rick Steves - a famous American radio host - interviews Carmen Arnat, who works as a tourist programme director, about South Africa.

Download this worksheet which contains your comprehension questions about the listening task, read it carefully and answer the questions as you listen. Finally, check your score.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Reading comprehension. Cold Turkey for a Facebook Addict

Read this extract about the effects quitting Facebook may fave on some users; then, read the comprehension questions carefully and choose the correct answer for each one.

Finally, check your score with the answer key, but do not look at the answers before doing the exercise, OK?

Reading comprehension. My brother is eating himself to death

Read this printable text carefully and then try to answer the multiple choice comprehension questions about it.

When you finish, and never before attempting to do the task by your own devices, you can check your score with this answer key.

Listening comprehension. Honey Bees

You are going to hear part of a radio programme in which Margot Adler talks about honey-bees in New York.

Listen to it, then download this worksheet, choose the best option for each of the questions, and finally check your answers with this key.

DNA results give hope for extinct Siamese crocodiles

Listen to this piece of news about endangered Siamese crocodiles.

Download and read the comprehension questions, choose the correct answer for each of them and finally check your score with this answer key sheet.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Language barrier, cultural divide

Reading comprehension. Man of the Year

Read part of an article about Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Man of the Year according to Time Magazine.

Click on this link and download the extract.

After reading it carefully answer the questions and then check your answers, but do not check them before trying first by your own devices, OK?

Good luck!

Certificate of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level in English: sample papers

Here you are some sample papers from previous years that you may find useful so as to get a general idea about what these exams might be like.

Please take into account that these sample papers are only examples, guidelines, and that this year’s tests do not necessarily have to follow the same pattern.