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Lovesick is the third part of the collection Ghostgirl, written by Tonya Hurley. It is an amazing story settled in Hawthorne High School which describes the daily life of a student. Charlotte Usher wants to be popular and also falls in love with Damen, a popular football player in the High School, but chokes to death with a gummy bear. Then she becomes a ghost, and only Scarlet can see her.

In this third book Charlotte is definitely living into the afterlife, she also has a dead boyfriend. The ghosts from Death Ed need to work in a phone bank where they answer phone calls from teenagers who have problems and need a piece of advice, but Charlotte and her classmates, who are expecting to move on and enter heaven, have received a new task, they are sent back to Charlote’s old High School.  This time each of the dead teens is assigned a living counterpart that they are supposed to help through one major problem before the Prom.

Unfortunately no one has explained to Charlotte what happens if her new dead boyfriend starts getting cosy with her living, breathing best friend.

This is a story about envy, courage, friedship and love.

I would recommend you to read the previous ones because the events of this third book are built on events of the earlier two books and also ties things together nicely. I personally believe these books are gripping, the characters are enjoyable and the story is endearing and funny. One thing that I really like is that each chapter starts with a quote about friendship or love. Maybe this one is more complex than the others because there are different stories between ghost and alive teenagers that intertwine.
Mónica Corrales Marbán. Advanced level. Year 2

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