Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Grammar: verb + object + infinitive or gerund

Click on the image below and you'll open a couple of exercises to practise this grammar item in a new window.

Wordle: Grammar: verb + object + infinitive or gerund

In order to view the exercises correctly you need to have Java and the Malted Web 2.0 plugin installed in your computer.

Then, activate your speaking skills by discussing these questions with your teacher or with a partner.

Does the Internet make people more sociable, or does it isolate them?

Do you mind musicians busking in the street?

Should we really expect pupils to be responsible for their own learning?

Should local governments force people to use public transport in places where there is a traffic issue?

How can governments encourage citizens to respect the environment?

Can you imagine yourself living the rest of your life in a different country?


  1. Yes, these are lots of stuff listed in this image for learn verb, objects etc. Thanks for the great post.

  2. You're welcome, glad you liked it!


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