Friday, 10 December 2010

Review. Diary of a wimpy kid, Diego Sierra

Diary of a wimpy kid, by Jeff Kiney
I have just finished reading Diary of a wimpy kid. I think it is an interesting book, although I didn’t like the whole story.It tries to be the diary of Gregory Heffley, a kid who tells us a lot ot things about his life every day. He is the main character. Other important characters are his parents, his brothers, Rodrick and Manny, and one of his friends, Rowley.Greg has a lot of problems at home. Rodrick doesn’t stop annoying him and he can’t do the same with Manny, because his parents are very permissive with the little brother.His father loves playing with a Civil War battlefield and his mother is the one who more or less controls everything around the house.Greg also writes about his classmates, teachers and some interesting or funny things that happen to him at school, such as the time he pretended Chirag was invisible, the Talent Show or his Science projects.He likes playing computer games and watching films. His brother is the drummer in a heavy metal band, Löded Diper. Greg’s father goes mad every time he listens to this band music.In the book we can have a complete look at Greg’s life. It is quite easy to read and to understand, and, in my opinion, it’s very useful, because there are lots of informal expressions, idioms and colloquial language.The style is very amusing and funny, the author tries to make us laugh.When I read that it was recommended (obviously in England) to children between 9 and 11 years old, I realized why it was so easy to read. :D

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