Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Graciela Suárez

Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules by Jeff Kinney.
A Boy who tells the funny stories that happen to him in middle school mixed all with small comics. It is a child’s diary, his adventures, ideas and points of view; the importance of the family: with his mum, dad and the relationship with his brother, Rodrick; besides, the protagonist gives importance to the friendship with his classmates.
The story is developed in a small village; it takes place in some part of the USA. It is set nowadays.The story starts in summer, a pretty lousy one, when his mum gives him a present, and it finishes in winter, with the Winter Talents Show where his brother´s band acts.
The story starts when Greg, our protagonist is given a present, his second diary, that he has to write.During all summer and winter Greg has many problems with his brother and his mum tries to solve them each time: they have problems at home, when his brother picks him up after school or when he locked him in the basement when Rodrick organizes a night party because their parents go away.
They have many conflicts that their mum solves until his brother starts to mature, and their relationship improves after the winter talents show.
The main character is Greg, the narrator, he is over eight or nine years. He is the second child of the family, the oldest brother is Rodrick and the youngest, he is still a baby, Manny.
The protagonist has got a brother, the oldest, Rodrick, who is lazy, stupid and cruel with all his family, especially with Greg. He plays in a rock band.
Greg´s best friend is Rowley. He is dumb, clumsy, he has some strange interests for his age, or he bores him with his holiday stories.
Greg´s mum. She tries hard to be a good, loving, dedicated mother and wife.She constantly tries to get Greg to enjoy reading, to pull the family together, and to help Greg and her husband to get used to Rodrick’s band music, but none of her plans ever seem to work. She often uses many “special tactics” that usually don´t work.
Finally, when I started to read The diary of a wimpy kid, the first thing I thought about it was Boy by Roald Dalh but this book is funnier and although it is written much more ironically, the idea is similar: a book where a boy tells his daily adventures. As regards the vocabulary it can be read without many problems, though I have found some American words.
The pictures are entertaining; it can explain many daily children’s experiences with their brothers (always from a child’s point of view).
It´s great! I have recommended it to my friends and I will try to read other books by this author!!!

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