Thursday, 16 February 2012

Firsts. An Interview with Fernando Alonso. Speed TV

Watch this interview with Fernando Alonso and then answer the questions below. 

1. What show are they presenting on Speed TV?
2. How long is the TV programme?
3. What are the contents of the programme?
4. Who are the programme assistants?
5. How is F. A. being introduced to the audience as?
6. Who is sponsoring the interview?
7. What were F. A.'s achievements in that year, so far?
8. When did Michelin last win a race in Indianapolis?
9. How does the presenter depict F. A.'s victory celebrations?
9. Which film could F. A.'s victory celebrations have something to do with?
10. Has F. A. something planned to celebrate his next victory? Why/Why not?

Now listen to the rest of the interview and note down the questions both the presenters and the audience make to F. A.

Write down two questions from the audience and at least eight from the presenters. The latter cannot be part of the questions you have answered yourselves.

Finally, listen again to the whole interview and point out F. A.'s mistakes when speaking in English: take into account pronunciation, intonation, grammar, fluency, etc.

After you've done all the tasks, check your answers using this answer key sheet.

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