Saturday, 22 March 2008

Reading Activity. Out of Africa. Preintermediate Level

Here you are a simple reading comprehension activity about a famous film. Download this activity sheet: out_of_africa.pdf, do the exercise and then check your answers with this key sheet: out_of_africa_key.pdf

Dagmara. Listening Exercise. Preintermediate Level.

Here you are a simple multiple choice listening exercise to go on practising. Download the audio file and the activity sheet: dagmara.pdf. When you finish, you can check your mistakes with this key sheet: dagmara_key.pdf

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Brothers and sisters

If you’d like to watch this extract of Brothers and Sisters, one of the Fox TV series, and practise your listening comprehension skill once more, download Brothers and Sisters, Episode 1 and its activity sheet: brothers_and_sisters_chapter1.pdf.
The dvd file is a bit heavy, so be prepared to wait for a while if you want to have it on your computer, OK?