Happy Birthday, Bono!

Bono. Does this name ring a bell?

How would you describe Bono? What features and facts do you know about him?

Watch the video below and, as you listen, note down the different words, phrases and expressions used to talk about Bono.

Source: video clip and facts from Bio True Story.

Now, watch the video again and make a timeline with the remarkable facts that took place around the dates below:


Finally, let's watch the video for a third time and answer the questions below:

1. Name some important nominations and awards in Bono's life.
2. What fact does just Bono see, according to the broadcaster Dave Fanning?
3. What was the cause of Bono's disagreement with school and family?
4. How does Bono's biographer, Michael Wall, depict Bono, in financial terms?
5. What did Live Aid mean for Bono?
6. Who was the money raised at Live Aid for?
7. What has Bono's humanitarian work given him across the world?
8. Name two humanitarian projects in which Bono is involved, and that are mentioned in the video.

Check your answers when you feel ready.

Now, have a look at this infographic, read the statement below and discuss with a partner:

You may get a full meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but 
billions don't have the same luxury.