Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2011

Mini presentation: The legend of Corocotta.

Vegetable pie

Pineapple Sponge Cake

Mini presentation: Leonardo da Vinci

Past trends. Elementary level

Eating habits. Intermediate level

Our blog and Docente 2.0

The History of Halloween

Priorities for next week. Elementary level

Imaginary holidays. Intermediate level

Midnight in Paris

Jamie Oliver: chocoholic

Adventurous cooking

Gino's Trattoria


Sally Bercow brings some order to the Big Brother house

Challenges of Gifted Adolescents

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

The Ideal School

Seaside Holidays

Four lions, by Miguel

The Bridges of Madison County

Why do we need lawyers?

What job would you love to do? Which one would you hate?

My life without me

Life is Beautiful, by Rosa Menéndez

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring

My Blackberry is not working

Monty Python's Life of Brian.