Monday, 17 November 2014

17 November, #ConchitaForever

Lucky @blogmaniacos is retiring. Awesome!

Green with envy, I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing so much and doing it so humblily well!

Now, my own humble tribute to you. So many sweet memories every time you have generously agreed to come to this blog and such good virtual mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights that I have summarised for you in the list below.

Video Conference with Blogmaníacos

Support Learning with an App

¿Por qué corren?

The Sunshine Award

A Mobile Library for Blogmaníacos

Blogmaníacos' answers for BookMe-Library - And #2 - And #3

E-students connecting and creating

But there is much more behind, and you know there is.

Even I have never met you in person, I have always dragged you into my English world, and you have never said no, never complained, but rather the opposite; you have always jumped into it peacefully, quietly, smoothly, patiently, making my students and myself feel that we were important for you, that we were part of The Blogmaníacos Experience, graduation included.

I will never forget my graduation day at Blogmaníacos, never ever and that is why, not only today but for the rest of my life, I will be a fan of Conchita and Blogmaníacos, Forever!

Please, enjoy your retirement. And meanwhile, you know what: this is in English. As usual, your turn to translate. LOL.


  1. ¡Ay, ay, ayy, compañera, qué emocionada me tienes con esta entrada!
    Ha sido todo un lujo compartir senderos contigo. Has tenido la paciencia de Job contestando todas mis dudas, las que se producían en cada momento, fueran las de RA o las de la NASA. Me has ayudado enormemente en situaciones que me venían grandes y que afrontaba, como siempre, con cierta inconsciencia, hay cosas que sin ti no hubiera conseguido, y lo sabes.
    Así que la agradecida soy yo, de todas todas.
    Nos vemos pronto, eso me consuela bastante. Nos diremos todo lo que en estos formatos se queda en el tintero.
    Muchos besos.


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