Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#WorldPoetry - The #twima Project

Jon Smith is launching a great #globaled project, World Poetry. Searh for its hashtag on Twitter, #twima, and if you are interested, please join!

The idea is simple but awesome:

Jon would like to make a poetry iBook from all of the states and countries around the world.
Ambitious?  Yes. Yes, it is ambitious for sure!

Jon would like each class, from each state and country around the world, to write a poem about their state or country.  This will be combined into one HUGE iBook that will be published in Apple's iBookstore.

The project will begin as soon as you, contributors, can start.  Most schools in the states are about to go on summer vacation so for them it will be a 2014-2015 project.

For all the project international friends, it's up to us all, but I guess it will also be the 2014 - 2015 school year in Spain, as we are also breaking up very very soon.

If interested in joining, please fill out the form.

By the way, have a very poetic summer!

Koinobori - ornament of Tango no sekku. Early summer. From Wikipedia

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