Sunday, 8 June 2014

Practising with Moodle Resources at MM4

Moodle Mooc 4 For Teachers is at full swing now, and so, after the opening ceremony and various live webinars all along the past eight days, today it is time for hands-on work and some practice.

First Moodle Assignment for MOOC participants is aimed at our playing at the Moodle Practice Area and adding some resources, so this is what I have been focusing on for a good part of my Sunday morning, and here are the video-sort-of-tutorial outcomes I'd like to share with you.

I have recorded them using MoveNote, one neat free tool for slide narration, suggested by the MOOC facilitators themselves.

Adding Resources to Moodle 2.6 - Part 1

Adding Resources to Moodle 2.6 - Part 2

Keeping my fingers crossed for you finding them useful and enjoyable somehow!

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