Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kalios 327, a new YouTuber has just landed!

Today we have the pleasure to introduce Kalios327, a learner who has just finished his Primary Education studies in Spain, but who is telling us here about his true dream: becoming a Youtuber, and how he has just opened his own Youtube Channel and has taught himself to work with video edition, at the age of 11.

YouTube Channel name and URL: Kalios327

Opening Date: May 2014

Interview Transcript:

Me: First of all, Kalios, thanks for presenting your channel in this blog, and congratulations on your work! I do believe that your initiative might become an inspiration for other kids that at your age are maybe thinking of doing the same. And now, could you start by describing the channel a little bit?

Kalios: My channel aims at entertaining all those viewers interested in video games, such as Happy Wheels, Minecraft, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and so forth, quite simple actually. If you are 7 years or older, this is the channel for you, you are welcome to suscribe!

Me: OK, and why have you opened this channel? How did you come up with the idea?

Kalios: The idea came up through a friend of mine, actually, who suggested uploading League of Legends videos to YouTube and so, I slept on it and thought of extending it a little bit and uploading various types of video clips. It took me a long time to set up the whole channel, and I know it still needs improving quite a lot, but like beta games, it is now ready to be public and tested.

Me: Could you please explain what you do before the video clip is at YouTube, step by step?

Kalios: Of course! There we go:
Step 1 - Screencasting the game with my comments about it.
Step 2 - Editing the recording to improve quality. I usually use Camtasia Studio 8 for that, altough I know there are many other tools available.
Step 3 - Viewing the outcome, revising that there are no mistakes, changing, improving it until I feel happy with the result.
Step 4 - Uploading the clip to my channel, sharing it with the audience and looking forward to the comments, which are always welcome if made with respect and good manners.

Me: But that must take a lot of time! How long does it take you to produce each clip, from the beginning until it is public at your channel?

Kalios: Well, that depends on the length of the clip. At the moment my videos are about 15 minutes long, and the whole process takes me around one hour per video.

Me: I guess you really enjoy the whole thing, but is there any part of it that you'd say it's your favourite?

Kalios: What I like best is to play the game and to know there are others that play the same game, as well as thinking that my videos might be helpful for players or that they simply make them smile if viewing them after a hard day. Sharing is the best part of it all!

Me: And what is the most difficult part of it all?

Kalios: the technical part, that is, the quality of audio, uploading and above all, having suscribers and getting to be known on the net.

Me: OK. And the easiest part of it all?

Kalios: Commenting, without any doubt at all, commenting.

Me: I see all your clips are in Spanish. Have you ever thought of commenting in English?

Kalios: Yep, the target audience is Spanish speakers, and I had not thought of commenting in English, but you never know.

Me: Well, thanks again, Kalios, for this lovely presentation. Now, let the readers view your channel opening trailer.

Kalios: You are welcome! I hope you all enjoy the trailer, and the channel, too!

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