Thursday, 8 May 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5 - 9 2014 is Teacher Appreciation Week and there are tons of posts, comments, articles, tweets and so on and so forth, flooding the net with thank you messages, best wishes and lots of other sweet moves whose aim is to show the world the value of teaching and teachers.

I guess this post is just another of the kind for most, but for me it means a lot, as I have a lot of teachers to show appreciation to, not only along this week, but along the whole year round, and so this post is to express my most sincere Thank You to:

  • All the teacher peers that restlessly try to make the difference, inspire and accomplish goals on the Edumovement 30 Goals Challenge World Tour.

  • My fellow teacher-students from #ictclil_urjc, without whom such a solid teaching/learning year would have never taken place.

  • Every single teacher that has already started taking steps towards collaborative connected projects and shared knowledge, from whom I have the honour to learn day after day.

  • And last, but not least, Shelly Terrell, for circling all this up, connecting us all, bringing edumovers together and being @ShellTerrell, no need for further words.

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