Saturday, 17 May 2014

#DoNowGreen Round Up

Time for #DoNowGreen is up now, and so the team from @KQEDedspace have published the corresponding Round Up: Green Spaces Brighten up Communities.

Within the past fortnight, students around the world discussed the importance of creating and preserving green spaces using Twitter and the #DoNowGreen post. Besides, at URJC, we also used #DoNow_urjc to connect with the rest of the students and join the debate.

Students all over the world were presented with prompts such as the ones below:

  • 'Are there areas in your neighborhood that could or should be transformed into green spaces?'
  • 'Are there existing green spaces that should be preserved?' 
  • 'Take a picture of one of these spaces or simply take a picture of plant life growing in an unexpected area'.

Our work at URJC has been highlighted once again by @KQEDedspace, for which we are humbly honoured and thankful!

Congratulations to @Cristina_RubioC, @EvaGarciaPaton, @TheRealJWelk, @ngonzalezba and @sanmiblanco21! Proud of your work!

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