Thursday, 24 April 2014

Where Are All the Green Spaces?

Sidewalk flower in Oakland, CA
photo by Joel Wanek

You are invited to take part in Do Now: Art And Popular Culture from Thu 24 until Wed 30 April, twittering about the article entitled 'Where are all the green spaces?' for a late celebration of Earth Day.

Read the post carefully, watch the video clip and draw your own conclusions. When you are ready to post your impressions, opinions, comments and so forth on Twitter, please start twittering all along this coming week, on a regular basis, about this topic.

Start all your tweets with @KQEDedspace and end them with our hashtag #DoNow_urjc. Respond to your peers, and retweet all those posts that you regard worthwhile.

Be creative, illustrate your tweets, include multimedia content, use your imagination!

Lots of other students from all over the world are also twittering about this Do Now and they will be using #DoNowGreen, so it would be nice if you focused on that hashtag too, apart from our own. In order to manage that, you may use a tool for real time tracking and organizing your Twitter, such as Tweetdeck.


  1. Not really, Billy. Do Now goes on in May and although our face-to-face sessions are finishing soon, you can still take part in the following DoNows that I'll be posting in the blog, just for fun. Why not? Keep it up.


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