Friday, 11 April 2014

E-project activities ( Team 6)

Hello everyone! We are the team 6, Leyre, Eva and Silvia.
In our wix  everybody can see our activities (section e-project) designed to conmemorate the anniversary of The Greco and Platero and I. We are collaborating with Platero que ni pintado, and in order to make our activities we have used many tools that are also available in our wix. 
The process of creating the activities took us two weeks and a half. We think that these activities are atractive  and fun for the students, and this is the main reason why we choose them.
First of all, we created some vokies to check the prior knowledge of the students ,it was the starting point to design the other activities. We had a really nice surprise when some of the students we are working with sent us their responses.
Secondly, we designed some puzzles with a tool called Jigsaw Planet , where students have  to identify The Greco´s face and some of his paintings.
After that, we created a quiz with Quizbean about The Greco, students can look for information on the internet in order to answer the questions.
Thirdly, we designed a crossword to check if students have learnt about The Greco and Platero and I.
Afterwards we designed a comic with pixton, in which the story of Platero and I is unfinished. The purpose of this activity is engage students in the story since they have to create the end, in this way we are enhancing our students creativity.
The following activity, which is the video about the meeting of The Greco and Juan Ramón Jiméze, has the same purpose as the previous one, but this time students have to listen and asnwer the question at the end of the video besides drawing a painting in The Greco´s style.
Finally, we decided to create a comic with Marvel for kids, in which the Greco and Platero and I become in super-heroes. We decided to use that comic as an example of the last activity (our collaborative presentation, created with powtoon), in which students have a mission, to find a link between Platero and I and the Greco.

In conclusion, creating theses activities have been a challenging experience which has had a wonderful result so we are proud of our work. We hope you enjoy doing the activities :D

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