Monday, 10 March 2014

Enjoy learning: Music and Art

We are group six: Eva, Silvia and Leire. We have chosen to showcase the e-project in a wix, because it is a very interesting tool where we can organize all the information about our e-project. It is something different from blog and it was what we most liked about it, try different and new things.

The name of our wix is Enjoy learning: Art and Music. We have chosen this tittle because it is related to our project, which will be about art and music but giving it a funny side.

In the wix we have different spaces such as information about our e-project, resources (where you can find information about all the tools we have been working with and some of our results as webmixes, mind map,...), gallery (where you can find some of the pictures we have found) and our contact information.

Have a look to our wix : Enjoy learning: Music and Art

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