Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Open Voices movie trailer

We present our e-project goals using different short pieces of videos.

First, we aim to give the idea of the importance of discussions between students to develop critical thinking. Later on, we focus on the importance of doing researches in our project. Then, newspapers are used to promote reading habits and to make students keen on reading news and knowing what happens around them. To sum up, we introduce ourselves as members of the Open Voice group giving a clear message with our e-project motto: Open Voices, Building up critical minds.
To record the videos we have used a digital camera. To put them together in the movie trailer we have used an Open Source tool: Kdenlive. It is available on the web for free and it is very easy to use. It has many options to create videos and add different transitions and effects. Furthermore, some tutorials are provided by youtube. It is very reachable for students as different options can be seen just at a glance.

Click on the Open Voices blog to deepen in the topic.

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