Monday, 17 March 2014

Music The Art and Touch Others' Hearts

Hello everyone! Team 6 (Silvia, Leire & Eva) is back, we want to show you our movie trailer. If you watched what was behind our logo, probably this video will be familiar to you.
Here you can have a look to our video. Hope you like it!

This movie has been designed in order to give an augmented reality to our logo. The process of creating the movie trailer was:
First of all, we recorded a video with a regular camera in which we showed the audience different papers with the sentence of our logo.
Later on, we took some pictures of these papers and also of ourselves.
Finally, we created a video with Magisto. Once the video was created, we uploaded it to youtube through a channel that we had to create previously. It is very easy to do, you only need a gmail account and you will be able to upload your own video.
Magisto is a fun and easy way to automatically edit videos and photos and share them with your friends and family. It will turn your videos and photos into beautiful edited movies, complete them with music and effects, in minutes.
The thing that we most liked about Magisto was that it gives you the opportunity to choose among different templates and music backgrounds.  We also think that this feature is what students will like most when using this tool. However, one of the problems that we faced with this tool was that after several trials and checks in the net we couldn´t find a way to put the pictures in the order we wanted.

To sum up, we as teachers think that the use of video editors is a good resource to incorporate to our classroom. Specifically, Magisto is a colourful, attractive and useful tool which students can easily work with and learn from it.

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