Tuesday, 4 February 2014

e-Encouraging to e-Read

 e-Reading is Fun!!!!

Welcome! ¡Hola, Bienvenidos! 

This year the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators is on a world tour and I am happy to be your Inspire Leader for this part of the journey. 

So where in the world is the 30 goals? We are visiting Spain. 

I invite you to accomplish the following goal: ‘e-Encouraging to e-Read’.

Accomplish This Goal

Make a video/audio recording giving a self-portrait of yourself as an e-reader or interview other e-readers and ask them to shape themselves when talking about e-reading.

  • Brief definition of the e-reading features of the student
  • Places and times where they read
  • Devices they use for their e-reading
  • Types of e-books they read
  • The e-book of their lifetime

Students can accomplish this goal by planning their recordings together sharing a Google draft doc. Then, they can record their self-portraits or interviews using a mobile phone or tablet and uploading them to a podcasting service, or stream record them straight away (that will depend on the students’ skills).
If you go for video clips instead, then they can use their mobile devices any way and upload their outcomes to a video channel.

My Reflection

Reflecting about oneself’s e-reading habits and being able to paint a self-portrait may encourage both us as teachers and our students to enjoy e-reading better.
Gaining more knowledge about our students’ e-reading preferences will make it easier for teachers to single out the most adequate ebooks to keep on promoting reading among our students.
Finding out about what their peers read, when and where they do so, undoubtedly will encourage students to go e-reading. Exchanging book recommendations is always a natural way to arise interest for new books to read, and by doing so through mobile devices and ICT gadgets we are improving digital skills, too.
Here you are the final outcomes of some C1 ESL students’ video self-portraits recorded with the iMovie app for IOS and then uploaded to our classroom Youtube channel: Self- portraits. We did this to celebrate World Book Day in April 2013, and in order to share it with the rest of the community, we also created an Augmented Reality Poster that announced the coming self-portraits. We used Aurasma to do so. If you’d like to find out what the poster hides, just follow the instructions in this blog post: Celebrating World Book Day.


About my country

I am happy to introduce you to my country, Spain.

I come from Avilés, a town in Asturias, Northern Spain, but at the moment I’m living and working in Madrid.
You are all invited to come and have a taste of Spain when you drop by. I will be happy to treat you to Sidra, Fabada and Casadielles, the specialties in my area that you can’t miss!

Of course, the one and only song you are bound to listen when you are in Asturias is our Anthem, Asturias Patria Querida.

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed your stay.
Find out more about The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators at 30Goals.com and join our 30 Goals Facebook community!

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