Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer Reading 2013

Dear students,
This summer you will be able to complete your summer reading online using Gobstopper, an e-reading platform that makes reading much more engaging andfun. On Gobstopper, questions and rich media literally jump right out of the book while you read. 
Both you and I will be able to track your progress as you read and see how well you have mastered certain skills and standards by the end of the summer. You will be able to earn badges while you read and show me that you have worked hard to complete this summer reading assignment. 

You can access and complete your summer reading on any device with an internet connection including a laptop/desktop, tablet, or, even a smart phone.
A wide range of selected books will appear on your student dashboard on Gobstopper once you have created your student account. Read the instructions below for setting up your account separately.


Your summer reading books will be available on your dashboard beginning June 15th.

I hope you enjoy using Gobstopper. I look forward to watching your progress and seeing you grow and succeed as a reader.

Yours truly,


In order to enroll in my class on Gobstopper (Summer Reading 2013), please go to:

When you go the above address, you will be prompted to create an account.

Please choose a password you will remember. After you create an account, you will be sent to Gobstopper's home page and from there, you'll be able to access the reading homework I have assigned you.

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