Monday, 20 May 2013

See you soon!

Watch the video below.

Now, listen to this soundtrack.

Would you ever sing such songs? Why/Why not?
Do you know any other songs used at special occasions?

Now let's watch 'See you in september' again and find a quick answer for an easy question: can you hear any rhyming words? If so, which ones?

Have a look at the phonetic symbols below and find words in the song whose pronunciation matches them:

Let's move on now to 'The Sound of Music' again and try to match the rhyming words with the phonetic symbols above, first of all. 
Next, let's concentrate on the farewell words. How many different languages are the children using?

Finally, let's discuss for a litlle while about multilingualism

Is it a myth or a fact, fiction or reality? 
What does being multilingual involve? 
How does one become multilingual?
Are multilinguals the odd ones out? Are they specially talented? Can they pick up any language they want just like that?
Is multilingualism a fad or a consequence of living in a multilingual world?
Are you multilingual? Would you like to be multilingual or your family to be multilingual?

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