Monday, 6 May 2013


Have a look at this picture:

What does the woman look like?

What kind of person do you think she is?

What has she done in her life?

How is she feeling right now?

What’s she looking at?

Now, look at this new picture:

What does the man look like?

What kind of person do you think he is?

What has he done in his life?

How is he feeling now?

What’s he looking at?

Both photos are taken from a short film. 

Create a story in which the man and the woman are characters. Write your story in the Comments Textbox of this entry and discuss the different stories your partners are writing with new replies to your mates' own comments.

Now, let's watch the film and compare your stories with the story you see in the film.

How does the man feel when he sees images of his daughter on the TV screen?

How does the wife feel when she sees her daughter?

How does the daughter feel when she sees her father?

How does the father feel when he sees his daughter and wife?

How does the film make you feel?

What do you think happens after the film finishes?



1.Are there many homeless people in your country? 

2.What are the main causes of homelessness? 

3.What can governments do to prevent homelessness? 

4.What can you do to help homeless people? 

5.How do you feel when you see a homeless person? 

6.If you were homeless, how would you feel and what would you do all day? 

7.Is homelessness a “hidden” issue for society and homeless people “invisible”? 

8.How do you feel when people say homeless people “should just get a job”? 

9.Are there homeless children in your country? 

10.What are the causes of child homelessness?


  1. The woman is dressed in black, brown hair in a bun, pearl earrings, brown eyes, dark jacket. I think she would be an empathic person. She would work for other people, looking after elder or children. She can feel sick to know that something terrible and shocking was happening to others. Maybe in her mind she realized that she is the only one looking at the accident...
    The man is dressed in black too, hood on his head, brown hair, brown beard, green eyes, dark jacket. I think he would be a good person. He lost his job and now he is living on the street. He can feel better if he helps to others. Maybe he can get some money and change his life if he resolves some mystery.

    1. Thanks a lot, Vicky, for sharing your views!

  2. The woman looks like a desperate woman. She is staring at nothing. I think she is a married woman who has lost her husband because a mental disease. She feels bad because she doesn't find her husband. That's why she feels desperate. She is looking at nothing after she was looking for days.
    He looks like a homeless. I don't know why but he looks like this way. He seems to be a kind person because he smiles. He has had a difficult life. Perhaps he was a normal person with an average job but because of a health problem he was fired. Then, he began living in the street, wandering. But he is a nice person. He tries to help other people. He is looking to other person in other to help him.

    1. Hopeful views, Juanjo, thanks a bunch!

  3. She is a very serious looking woman and seems to be worried about something.
    Maybe she is the owner of the shop located in front of her.
    The other day’s tramp has returned to sit at her door’s shop to rest.
    She doesn’t like that man sitting on this place because he put her customers off. She is angry with this man but at the same time, she feels sorry for him and she doesn’t decide to throw him out of the pavement. His situation is enough.
    Regarding to him, he is a beggar who sleeps on the street covered by a blanket. He looks very vulnerable: he could be hit by a car or beaten by criminals.
    This is the most terrible face Homelessness. Unfortunately, at present, more and more people lose their home. This ugly truth goes against all human rights declaration. Politicians do not care about these people. They all have good palaces to live.
    The worst part of this story is realize that this man once had a good life. He seemed to have a good house, a job and appeared as a neat and happy husband and father. Some time later he lost everything he had.
    In the end, they all seem very happy brushing with the past. It would be very interesting to know why they separated. María Tomás.

  4. Over 100 million people around the world have no shelter at all according with some sources. I don't know how many people there are in my country but last year I've realized the number of homeless or poor people has ncreased a lot. You can walk along the street in a sunday and you can find three times the number of people asking for money. Of course, the main cause of homelessness is the crisis. The government could offer job and an income source, some food, shelter...Every single person could do something fot homeless people: to talk to some of them, to carry any of them to a shelter, to work in some of the centers for homeless, to give them some money,...
    When I see a homeless person I feel really bad, sad,...and sometimes you can even blame them for the situation. And sometimes the origin of the problem is a mental disorder, for example. We don't like to watch the problem, that's why sometimes we try not to see them or we blame the person for the situation.
    I don't know what I'd do if I were a homeless. It's difficult to think the possibility. I suposse I'd try to search some food because this is the first necessity a homeless has got. And I'd try to look for a shelter and clothes to wear on. It would be hard to search for a job because a homeless has to be desperate. I wish I never be in this situation.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Juanjo!


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