Thursday, 2 May 2013

Chicken and ham pudding, by Paloma


I recommend you this dish, recipe which everybody likes and which has something good: you can prepare it the day before so the day of the event you are relaxed and have time for yourself.
300 grs Chicken breast fillet
300 grs Boiled ham
300 grs Cured ham
Different spices such as black pepper, walnuts, oregano etc.
A glass of cognac or brandy
or 3 eggs
People: 8
What is important in this recipe is the purchase of the chicken and the ham, you have to go to the butcher's and ask them to grind them up and machine blend them
Once you have the mix, beat the eggs and mix the chicken-ham mixture with the beaten eggs.Then, add different spices, the ones you have, I specially recommend you black pepper, walnutsand oregano. 
Put the mixture in a long container which is compatible with high temperature in the oven. Spread the container with butter or flour before putting the mixture in (this is to avoid the mixture sticking into the container). 
Put it in the oven 200ª temperature during approximately half an hour. To see if it is done, poke it with a fork, it has to be hard. Once it is hard, get it into the fridge, it has to be inside a night long.
Next day, slice it and you can serve it with orange or raspberry jelly.

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