Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Cuppa

What is a cuppa?


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Not guessed yet? Then read this brief text from WiseGeek and find out.

Now, let's learn how to make a traditional British cuppa.

While you listen, think of the answers for the questions below:

Why did Gerry Wiseman decide to post these instructions?

Does he use water from the tap? Why/Why not?

Why is the use of a kettle essential for a decent cuppa?

What's the point of throwing away the water from the teapot through the sink?

What does the old English recipe call for? Is Mr Wiseman going by the book?

What's his tip for Brits coming to America? 

Why is he Mr Wiseman giving the Brits that tip?

Now, why not have a go at making a traditional "British cuppa" yourself?

Are you more into coffee, hot chocolate, capuccino? 

OK! Then, let's try and design a nice online flyer to advertise your favourite cuppas.

If still eager for a cuppa, don't miss this video-lesson where the staff from Fortnum & Mason show us the perfect cup.

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