Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What kind of reader is Ana?


I do not really know what kind of reader I am. As in other aspects of life I do not like labels so the best thing to do is to tell you some reflections about reading and about me.
I think I started reading when listening to my grandparents´ stories. I always enjoyed being told tales, stories or whatever as far as I am more a listener than a teller.
Eventually tales came to me at school and I specially remember the times I spent reading and leafing through a huge Little Red Riding Hood tale in the library corner. I can still feel the paper sliding from my fingers and those lovely pictures...she was almost as big as me at that time.
As I grew up I began reading Enyd Blyton, the “Famous Five” and naughty Guillermo in search of adventures. I also read comic books: Mortadelo and Filemón; Rúa del Percebe.
Nowadays sometimes I read for fun, sometimes because I need it for my job; sometimes because I need information about a place, a gardening technique or to extend knowledge about something new I learned and became really interested in.
It is important where I read; I cannot do it everywhere or even travelling (I get dizzy) …imagine if I lived in a big city with the enormous amount of time they waste on transport My favourite moment for reading is my room in a winter morning with the sun filtering through the window panes and after having had breakfast….delightful! In a rainy day it is not so good but it is worth it too.
I read very different kind of books: illustrated tales (I love them); novels (I suppose being a different one from myself and learning about human behaviour, feelings…I find it quite an interesting work of empathy); essays about the human condition; books about nature, gardening….a little bit of this and little bit of that. 
I have to say that right now I prefer paper books rather than e-books but in some years time…who knows?
Sometimes I read a lot and sometimes right the opposite. I guess depending on my mood.


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