Monday, 29 April 2013

I always get butterflies in my stomach

'I always get butterflies in my stomach when I have to speak in public.'

Can you understand  the idiom above? 

Can you tell me other idioms which use parts of the body?

Now, let's see if you can fill in the gaps in the sentences below using a part of the body.

shoulder    arm’s    foot    nerves    heart

1. I really put my ______ in it when I asked how his wife was; I didn’t realise they’d got divorced last year.

2. Maria will do anything for anyone; she’s got a _____ of gold.

3. It’s not easy to become friends with Peter; he tends to keep everyone at _____ length.

4. John always talks to his mother when he needs a _____ to cry on.

5. My boss is really getting on my ______ at the moment; he never stops criticising my work.

Interested in learning more idioms with parts of the body? Just click on English area.

Next, in pairs, tell each other about the following situations:

1. A time you put your foot in it.

2. Someone you know who has a heart of gold.

3. Someone you know who keeps other people at arm’s length.

4. Someone you talk to when you need a shoulder to cry on.

5. Someone or something that’s getting on your nerves at the moment.

'Head over heels'

Do you know what the idiom above means? 

You are going to watch a short film called Head Over Heels.

1. What type of film do you think you are going to watch?

2. What sort of things do you think you are going to see in the film?

First, watch the first two minutes of  the film.

short film from kieran donaghy on Vimeo.

1. Were your predictions correct?

2. What problems do the couple have?

3. What do you think is going to happen in the rest of the film?

4. Are they going to be able to sort out their problems? How?

Let's watch the rest of the film now and answer  the following questions.

1. How did the film make you feel?

2. What adjectives would you use to describe the film?

3. How did the couple overcome their problems?

4. What’s the message of the film?

Finally, discuss the following questions:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

2. Do you believe that opposites attract or that birds of a feather flock together?

3. Do you think that some people are just made for one another?

4. Do you know any couples who are a match made in heaven?

5. Do you know any couples who have a stormy relationship?

6. If a couple are on the rocks, what are the best ways to patch up their relationship?

7. What is a really romantic way to pop the question?

8. What’s the best age to settle down?

See full lesson at FilmEnglish

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