Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A reader's self-portrait


I’m not a very good reader although I should be. I mean, I’m a Philosophy teacher and I’d have to read more than I do. But I have to confess that I don't have enough time to read. I remember reading lots of comics when I was a kid. I began reading the famous Spanish cartoons of the 70s: Mortadelo y Filemón, El capitán Trueno, Zipi y Zape. It was the Ibañez World. Afterwards, I began reading “The Famous Five”. I spent a very good time reading the nice adventures of these cousins. They were all the time fighting the bad guys, looking for treasures, and always eating marvellous pic-nics. Then, I began reading about eastern philosophy, I mean, about budhism. There were several books by Lobsang Rampa: "The third Eye". I tried to make the astral travel but I couldn't. Afterwards I realized the author wasn't a real budhist. I found literature can stay very far of real life. 
When I was sixteen I began visiting the public library and I spent good moments there, searching old books. I could smell the odour of the books, I could touch them, I could walk between thousand of books trying to know the purpose of their authors, guessing about the adventures that were between their pages. To read is a real adventure, one of the best you can be engaged in. You can travel far away, you can move throughout the whole story or you can be in fictional worlds. That's why to read is worthy. 
I have never read a digital book so far. Just a few pages. Of course, I realize it's another way to read but to turn the pages of a book, to smell it, to measure it...its an experience mankind must not forget. Anyway, if we have to change, the point is not to close the door to new adventures.


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