Friday, 22 February 2013


Spain is the favorite holiday destination for foreigners, above all for European ones.If you ask a foreigner to describe spain three words should be expected: sun, fun and siesta.


-If you like sunbathing, be sure you search the south as your destination, you will have sunny and hot weather for sure.
On the contrary in the north rain should be expected, above all in Asturias. However, not only has it beautiful sites to visit as Los Picos de Europa or its beaches, which are more used for strolling than for sunbathing, but you can also find warm weather all the year, neither very hot in summer nor very cold in winter.

-For food lovers, you have chosen the perfect country to eat.
In the south you can eat the famous "Mediterranean cuisine" ideal for healthy people.
On the other hand you should go to the north to taste those heavy meal dishes as for example beans with blood sousage and spicy sousage that will lead you to take one of those 2 hours relaxing siesta.


-Although it is called our "National Party" don´t go to a bullfight. It is a disgusting show to see how a man treats with cruelty those poor bulls until they bleed to death.

-Don´t go to a restaurant to have dinner before 9:00 pm. Spaniards usually have dinner later than this.

-In a pub, don´t pay a round of drinks to you fellows, most of them will say : "it´s late, I have to go home" when it´s their turn to pay


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