Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to live with robots

If you had a robot, what applications would you give it?

As machines grow ever more intelligent, they're emerging not just as powerful tools, but close companions. This talk examines how robots are becoming an intimate part of our lives.

Video from TedED. Ideas Worth Spreading

While you are watching, try to make notes so as to build up a paragraph that suits each of the following headings:

Introducing the robot.

How the robot works.

Applications of the robot.

Advantages and drawbacks of the robot.

When you are ready, write your article and share it with the rest of the class.

Finally, build your own robot: include a description, how it works, what it is useful for, what drawbacks you have found along the process and any other aspects you would like to include.


  1. I inspired myself in nature; no doubt she has already filtered the purest, most simple and successful shapes. I also love these light aerial robots the engineer has presented. So mine is a dragonfly robot. I think it will accomplish the task I intend to address because it might be unnoticed and even add quite a naturalistic touch to my school playground just surrounded by buildings.

    It has a green central beam made of fibre and four transparent wings. This palm-size object has no engine. The wings are solar panels that recharge the batteries located within the beam. It is like that that this robot can fly and also record images and sounds by means of a camera inserted at one end of the beam as the bug´s eyes. It is operated by remote control.

    It works by using solar energy to flap its wings, to go up and to capture images and send them to the computer to which it is connected.

    It may be used for a lot of purposes. In my case I have designed it to become an assistant teacher in the playground to know what is going on around corners sending the information to the teacher in charge´s phone just as it happens.

    I can think of other practical goals; for instance, you may use it to pollinate in those areas where a severe lack of bees was identified. In that case the device would be customized with small wide wheels to fulfil this mission. It also could be given commercial utility as interactive garden ornament as a pet or it may become the fourth referee in football matches.

    I have already mentioned the advantages and I can only think of a drawback not in itself but for its own proper running and it is a weather like this for such a long time…no way to have the batteries loaded.

    1. Such a sweet robot, thanks a bunch!


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