Monday, 30 April 2012

The making of the memory

Read these extracts from a book about memory and answer the comprehension questions:

After dealing with the task, check your score.
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Connecting the dots


You are going to watch Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, delivering an address at the 2005 Stanford University Commencement Ceremony.
In his speech, he tells three stories about his own life. You are going to listen to the first one, which he titles “Connecting the dots”.

For questions 1-10, choose the best option. Then, check your score.

*Source: Youtube. Stanford University

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Do you think dancing is ugly?

Well, you are totally wrong! 

Click on the image below and find out who the best dancer in the cyber world is.


Looking forward to your comments and your dance, too!

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A balanced life

Have a look at the infographics below. 

What's the first impression that comes to your mind just by having a quick look at them?

Now, have another look at the infographic above: Starbucks vs. Mcdonald's
Think of at least five questions about the various topics this infographic might raise, and start up a thought-provoking discussion with your partners. When you are ready, let your mates know and start talking.

Now, time for this infographic about balancing your media diet. 

Read the statement below, and using the infographic, discuss in groups: 

Practising good nutrition keeps your mind sharp, your body fit, and your life long. The same could be said for consuming media.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Solitude of the Queen


I love this book because I had never imagined some of the events published there. This is a book that brings to light a lot of unknown events which have happened in Sofia’s life. You can read what happened while the Queen was a child and her family was living in Greece, when she discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness, what she thinks of Leticia,… 

I think this book is really interesting. 

By Sol. That’s English. 2NB. EOI Luarca
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In search of a better life

Photograph from INTEF. Banco de Imágenes y Sonidos

Why in search of a better life?

In search of a better life

My strong feelings about having to go in search of a better life

A better life?

Searching for a better life

Reasons why in search of a better life

Viewpoints on immigration

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St George's Day Cottage Pie


Saint George is the patron saint of England. Saint George's Day is England's National Day.
To celabrate the day, watch this video about how to make cottage pie, a traditional English dish, with a different touch.
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The joy of books. From Film English

How many genres of books can you name?

Do you have a favourite bookshop?
What do you like about bookshops?
What happens in a bookshop when it is closed at night? 

Watch this short film and find out. Then, watch it again and name as many types of books as you can.

There's nothing quite like a real book.

Do you agree with the sentence above?

Now, discuss these questions with your partners.

You are going to watch a short film called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. What do you think the film will be about?

But first, have a look at these images taken from the film, put them in order and write the narrative of the film.

Now watch and compare your narrative with that of the film.

What is the message of the film?

Finally, have a look at the picture below, watch the film again if necessary, and write a story using the paragraph provided to tell your own story based on the film.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chicken breasts with tomato sauce

Graciela Suárez Díaz
2nd NA

Olive oil.
 Four chicken breast fillets
Tinned tomatoes.
An onion.
Some cheese.
Some flour.
2 eggs.
1/4L Whipped cream.
A lettuce.

Add the finely chopped onions to the hot olive oil in a pan.
Mix the tomatoes
Sprinkle with the salt and oregano and stir the mixture occasionally.
The sauce has to be in low temperature during 20 minutes; then you can add the whipped cream and  keep warm for five more minutes.
While the sauce is ready, arrange in a shallow dish and add one chicken fillet, a slice of cheese and the other chicken fillet. Sprinkle with  salt.
Coat the fillets with flour and beaten eggs.
Then, sear for about three minutes or until the fillets begin to cook through Uncover skillet and flip the fillets.
At the end, add the chicken fillets to the sauce and cook for five more minutes.
The chicken is accompanied by a salad.
Trim off the bottom of the lettuce and put in a salad bowl with some nuts. Add a little salt, lemon juice and olive oil.
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 I was a child when I read this book but I can remember the first time I opened it. I really like Roald Dahl and I have more books by him (Mathilda, The witches, James and the giant peach...) My parents gave me this book for my birthday. I read it in only two days! I really liked it. The most amazing part is when all the children get into the factory and start to know Mr. "crazy" Wonka. As you know there's a film about this book (and also of the other books by Roald Dahl) From my point of view, I prefer books to films. You can imagine things the way you want!

By Carla. That's English. 1NI
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Source: via on Pinterest

It is a novel written in 2003 in the first-person of a fifteen-year-old boy with autistic spectrum condition. It is lovely and absolutely amazing how he explains his fears and difficulties when interpreting the world around him. He describes that for him it is really difficult to mingle with others, so he prefers to mingle with maths or animals.
         I highly recommend this book for teachers and children who live with young people with these problems.

By Vicky. Advanced level. Year 2
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Stephen King on A Wall of Books


This is the last book I have read by my favourite writer.I like the novels by Stephen King,because he is able to put the reader into the story, almost as if the reader really was living it. This novel is about Jake, a teacher,who travels to the past with his friend Al,to try to avoid Kennedy's murder,and to find the family of his student Harry, to avoid that Harry's father kills his mother.Jake knows that he has to return to his world,but what consequences will his past actions bring to him?

Ana. That's English. 1NI
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Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy World Book Day


Celebrating books on 23 April 2012!
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By Marc Levy


The discovery of a strange object in an inactive volcano is going to change everything we believed to know about the world. Keira is an archaelogist, Adrian an astrophysicist.They discover that a secret organization wants the stone of intense black color that a boy gave to Keira,when she was working in Africa.Together they´ll begin a trip through the world, in search of the stone meaning, at the same time as their reunion revives a love that has not been forgotten.

Ana Belén. That's English 1NI
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By Amy Tan


Source: via Elena on Pinterest

This has been my last reading, which I thought would be very funny. Instead, I found a moving book about two quite different cultures (American and Chinese) as well as a reflection about the past, the present and how experiences and feelings are shared between mothers and daughters.

By Elena Rodríguez. Advanced level. Year 2
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Thursday, 19 April 2012

How Little Mole got his trousers

Source: via on Pinterest

Title: How Little Mole got his trousers 

By: Eduard Petiska

Publisher: Albatros.

This is a story after the cartoon with the same title, which won a Silver Lion in Venice.
Krtek (mole in Czech) yearns for a pair of trousers with big pockets, to put all the things he finds when he is digging.
As he doesn’t know where to get them, he asks different animals in the country: the frog, tailor bird, crayfish, snail… (a great number of animals) When he is about to give up, a plant, flax, gives him all the instructions to follow in order to get these trousers.

This is a story of friendship and solidarity among animals and shows the process of linen obtaining, which is very pedagogical for children.
My pupils liked it a lot and I liked it too because of the rich vocabulary, the tender illustrations and the adequate explanations in order for the children to understand the origins of linen.

The cartoon, very famous in the Czech Republic, was published in over 80 countries, and there are many others with the same character.

By Conchita. B2+
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Shining

Source: via Ana on Pinterest

This novel tells us the story of Jack, a writer with a great problem: alcohol. When a man offers him a job at the Overlook Hotel, he dedides to accept it and begin a new life with his wife and son, Damn. But the problems begin immediately.The hotel has a life of its own and wants to possess Damn, because he has a gift, which is called "the shining", and if the hotel obtains it,  it'll be stronger, but it can't and decides to possess Jack, killing his wife and son. But, will he manage to do it?

Ana Belén. That's English 1NI
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Keep safe online

Read the text below and answer the questions.

1. Who's in charge of publishing personal info about an under-age on a site?
2. Should a teacher always act on behalf of parents?
3. Can somehow a teacher's consent be restricted?
4. If a site operator updates online activities for children, do their parents need to be notified? Why/Why not?
5. What actions might a site have to take if parents revoke their consent?
6. How can a site be sure that teachers are not using students' info inadequately?

As you may have noticed by now, the text has no title. After reading the text, could you provide it with one?

Where do you think you could find this type of text?

Now, let's find some words in the text that match with the definitions below; the tips between brackets might help you.

a guiding principle: (noun)
to make known: (verb)
someone other than the main people involved in a transaction: (two words)
to obtain: (verb)

Finally, have a look at the following questions and discuss them with your partners.

Are there any policies regarding safety online in your country?
Are you aware of any of them?
As a parent, what are your feelings about your kids using the Internet?
Do you consider protecting children when surfing is necessary? Why/Why not?
How to protect children on the Internet. Could you make a list of tips?

After doing the tasks, check your progress.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Congrats to my award-winning students!

Congratulations to you all and thanks a bunch for your work! 

The April Awards to the best promoters of books and reading within EOI Luarca have gone to:

Bookmark contest: Jose M. Suárez for his bookmark about Gulliver's Travels:

Writing about Gulliver's Travels contest: Graciela Suárez for her Gulliver's Review

Video contest on Gulliver: Mónica Corrales, Vicky García, Mercedes Martín, Elena Rodríguez, and Jose M. Suárez for their Jonathan Swift brightens up Gulliver's Travels Press Conference video clip.

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Simon Collings. Do You Speak English?


Read the text below and choose the best option for the following gaps.

Manuel had passed the fish on his way up the road. It was eighteen to twenty (1) ………. long and its silvery scales were covered with dirt. The gill flaps opened like two gash wounds on the sides of its head as it (2) ………. helplessly in the gutter. Next to it a boy leaned against the railings, his rod and line dangling out over the floating garbage and the stream of brown, stinking waste which trickled from a pipe in the wall below. The boy wore a (3) ………. pair of football shorts. He was perhaps nine or ten years old, barefoot and grubby, and his skin was marked with insect (4) ………..
     The fish (5) ………., then made one last convulsive leap, throwing itself in the direction of the river, and landed on the pavement with a thud. There it lay motionless for a moment, exhausted no doubt by the effort. The boy looked down at it, turned and kicked it back into the gutter.
     Manuel had not paid much attention to the fish as he was preoccupied. He had just been to look at an apartment and he was considering how he could afford the rent. Accommodation was hard to find in the city and a place like this didn't (6) ………. very often. The apartment he and his wife were currently living in was so small their six-year-old son had to live with his wife's parents during the week. They had been trying to move for two years. He took out a cigarette and (7) ………. against the railing, looking down the street at the boy fishing.
     Further along the quay two figures were approaching. He watched as they wandered slowly towards him. They looked to be in their early thirties and were obviously tourists, Americans he would guess. The woman had shoulder-length reddish hair and pale (8) ………. skin. She was slim and athletic looking. Her partner was tall and (9) ………., his stomach protruding from under his T-shirt. He wore knee-length shorts, sunglasses and his long hair was tied in a pony tail. They came slowly along the dusty street of warehouses. Tourists were not uncommon in the city but they usually kept to the old port with its rococo churches and (10) ………. customs house, or took the organized cruises along the reef. It was rare to see them in this district and Manuel assumed they were lost.
Adapted from





















come out

come up
come into
come on
















 When you feel ready, use the answer key sheet and check your score.
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