Saturday, 1 December 2012



This undoubtedly seems to be a fishy question since, if answered broadly (“I would do this or that; I would tell everybody what my real feelings and thoughts are towards them”-the same way the guy does in the short film Tic Toc) it would be warningly signalling  you are not making the best out of your worldly existence. In fact, it would seem as if you were leaving things unsolved along your life´s path.  I would dare and go a step further by adding: “My dear friend, you are not being fully true to your own Self! Though, I must admit I am not either!

Nevertheless,  I am fully aware of the fact this world of ours forces us to behave, more often than not , in a completely different way from that we would really wish to.  Laying the blame for it on those so hatred social conventions we are expected to fix to in order to avoid either isolation or social stigma seems to comfort us. So, not only do we sheepishly  follow the rules unquestioning their validity, but we also keep an eye on our herd mates so as to avoid any attempt of rebellion on their part. But, when it does happen, when someone has the guts to rebel and challenge the rules, we can´t help but envying him because he is truly keeping to his Inner Self!

Personally,  since I think Life has given me enough chances to do the things I´ve ever wanted to all throughout my life, no doubt I would address those five minutes left to my beloved ones, just letting myself delight in their warmth before leaving this world,  and  telling them  non-stop how much I love them and I will always do. 

In a nutshell, we mustn´t forget that every morning the shrieking of our alarm clocks, though deeply irritating,  does announce that we have been awarded an extra day. So,  do not waste it!  Put a broad smile on your face and have a huge "thank you" shaped in your lips! It´s worth it!


  1. Excellent, María, I'm so proud!

  2. Dear María, I think you should read this:
    Kieran Donaghy, the author of Film English, who created the lesson about Tick Tock, @kierandonaghy on Twitter, has just sent me this message after reading your piece of writing.
    'Wow! What a fantastic piece of writing, it's really beautiful. Pass on my congratuklations to Maria. : - )'

    You should be proud!

  3. Thanks a lot to both of you!:) Let him know I´m honestly grateful to hear about his words!


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