Monday, 3 December 2012

What I would do in the final-5-minute countdown

What first comes to me is the idea of celebration: a gathering with my loved ones to say “this is the end of it” in a particular funny farewell. No way in such a short period of time. I hope -if ever this situation comes true to me- to have a little more time…please!

What would I do in the final countdown? I actually find it hard to bear both the topic and the situation itself.

Although it is unlikely to happen I think I would rather do just the opposite, being the case I am not overcome and stunted at the same time. No hustle and bustle but simple, vital and feasible things. Saying goodbye to family and friends and especially to those really meaningful in your life; those at present are not aware of it for some reason or another. Then, if I were still in time I would relax outdoors by the honeysuckle and listen to one of my favourite singers at sunset. Good memories-the greatly loved and treasured- and a drink would bring me calm in attempt to forget all the rest.

I would like it to become a precious occasion too.
I am afraid time has gone….see you!


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