Monday, 17 December 2012

The power of pen and paper

Are you a strong believer in the power of pen and paper?

Watch this Ted-Ed talk and think of an answer for the questions below:

Does Hannah sound proud of her mum?
Do you feel close to her viewpoints about her visits to the P. O. Box? Do you know anybody who might feel the same?
Can you think and talk about personal experiences of the kind?

Let’s watch it again and try to answer the following questions:

What were her college mates doing while she was waiting for letters?

What kind of piece of writing would her mum usually send?

What happened to her when she moved to New York?

How did she try to overcome the situation?

What did she do to disseminate her initiative?

What was the immediate response?

What does she promote today?

What strikes her most about the letters?

How does she describe her generation?

Can you summarize her conversation at the subway?

Can you explain what the three stories regarding the people below are about?

A lady and her husband:
A girl from Iowa:

A man and Facebook:

Which parts is she dividing letter-writing in?

What makes letter writing an art form?

Now watch it once again, read the transcript if you need to do so, and dig deeper into discussion:

Letter writing. 

Do you write letters?
Do you ever get personal letters in your P. O. Box nowadays?
If not, would you like to get some?
Are social networks doing away with pen and paper?
Do you think Hannah’s initiative is a good one?
Would you join it?

Finally, it is your turn to write. Write a piece entitled The World Needs More Love Letters.

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