Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The best of friends


Think of the answers to the questions and statements below.

Define what a friend is for you.

Do you keep friends from your childhood, nursery, or school days?

Do you think true friendship can be experienced between a man and a woman?

How often do you meet your friends?

Are your friends important for you? Why/ Why not?

How important are they, compared to your family?

Draft a piece of writing that includes at least your answers and any other detail you may consider interesting for the topic.

Then, write about 100 words on The Best of Friends. Try to be as coherent as possible, linking paragraphs appropriately and using rich and varied vocabulary and structures.

After you finish your writing, go to our Voxopop Talkgroup and record a speech about The best of friends.

When you are done, share your writing and the link to your audio message as a comment to this entry.

Illustration from GoodJoe.


  1. A friend is someone who listens and helps me when I need it. You can trust him.
    I keep many school's friends. Most of my actually friends are from my childhood, in fact.
    I think friendship between men and women is possible, but it is usually more difficult that friendship between people of the same sex. But I think this friendship is true, I have many friends who are girls.
    I usually meet my friends on the weekend, because they aren't at work or they aren't studying on the weekend. But when we have a lot of time to meet us is in summer.
    My friends are very important for me, because I need them to talk about my problems and they help me.
    Finally, friends and family are vital. It is more difficult to decide who are more important. But I guess the family are a little more important.

    1. Thanks, Diego, take this into account:

      school friends
      Most of my friends nowadays
      But when we have a lot of time to meet is in the summer.
      family is a little more important.


    1. Thanks a lot, you'll soon be able to listen to it here, on a new entry and I'll send you a grading sheet by mail, too.
      Happy New Year!


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